Instant Pot Taco Lentils

tacoInstant Pot Taco Lentils can be used for tacos, taco salads, quesadillas, burritos, or any time you want the flavor of tacos with out the ground beef. They cook up quickly in the Instant Pot with the added joy of not having to babysit the pot while they cook.

I ran across this recipe for Instant Pot Lentil Tacos and the author had me at tacos. I can’t say that lentils were the draw. But since I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to make in the Instant Pot, I decided to give this a try. Smart move on my part. Lunch was ready in no time and I got the taco taste I wanted. Continue reading “Instant Pot Taco Lentils”

Instant Pot Pasta

pastaOne of the easiest meals to make in a pressure cooker is spaghetti. Throw your pasta, sauce, water, and ground beef (optional) into the pot. Set the cook time for 10 minutes. Come back when the pot beckons.  Dinner is served.
(Side bar: The singular of spaghetti is spaghetto. One strand is a piece of spaghetto. I tell you this only because I’m addicted to languages as well.)

This is a super quick meal for after work, or when you need a meal in a hurry. Here’s a recipe for 10 Minute Instant Pot Spaghetti. There are many variations on this theme. Cook for fewer than 10 minutes, or more than 10 minutes. Add more water or less water. More sauce or less sauce. After you make it one time you’ll know your preferred amounts.

If the recipe doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time you make it, it isn’t considered a ‘fail’. There’s a learning curve for all recipes. Even the ones you make using the stove. Make a few adjustments and the next time it will be better. It may even be perfect. Continue reading “Instant Pot Pasta”

Earn Your Instant Pot Street Creds

old men discussingIf you want your street creds as an Instant PotHead, there are three initiation requirements that you need to complete. Hard boiled eggs. Cheesecake. Yogurt. If you haven’t made any of them then you aren’t a hard-core user. If you haven’t made hard boiled eggs you are still in the ranks of a wannabe.

Eggs are usually the baptism of fire for most initiates. Eggs aren’t easy. They’re stupid easy. A no-brainer. Water. Trivet. Eggs. Set cook time. That’s all she wrote. Continue reading “Earn Your Instant Pot Street Creds”

Only The Pot Is Under Pressure

relaxingMy last blog post, A Tale of Two Pothead Newbies, was about two of my friends who have recently discovered the wonderful world of pressure cooking. But unlike the scores of Prime Day Instant Pot buyers who bought pressure cookers knowing full-well that they were afraid of them, (Mind blown. I can’t even.) these two tore open the packaging and hit the ground running. They became hard-core users from their first attempt. My kind of pressure cooking addicts!

Today I’m talking about their counterparts; my experienced users. They are so comfortable with their pots that they don’t hesitate to create recipes on the fly. They aren’t worried about things not turning out. They throw things in the pot, set a cook time, press a button and walk away. For them, it’s not the speed of cooking, it’s the convenience. Set it and forget it. You aren’t tied to your stove. Heck, you aren’t even tied to your kitchen. Let the pressure cooker do its thing while you do yours. Continue reading “Only The Pot Is Under Pressure”

A Tale of Two Pothead Newbies

Within the past week, the ranks of pressure cooking newbies have swelled. The online pressure cooking groups are seeing an influx of members. Questions are flooding in from people who are not quite sure what to do with the pressure cooker they just bought. What brought about this tidal wave of pressure cooking pioneers? Instant Pot and Amazon.

Tuesday July 11, 2017 was Amazon Prime Day. According to Business Insider, the Instant Pot pressure cooker was the top selling non-Amazon item in the United States for the second year in a row. Specifically [affiliate link] the 8-quart Instant Pot DUO80 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker. Last year, [affiliate link] the Instant Pot DU60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker (a 6-quart model) was the top seller with over 200,000 pots heading to cooks across the United States. This year, anticipation was high that there would be an Instant Pot bargain to be had, and Amazon did not disappoint. The actual number sold isn’t available yet but let’s just say they sold a lot to take the top ranking once again.  Continue reading “A Tale of Two Pothead Newbies”

The Depressurization Zone

farm scene

Home Sweet Home
My depressurization zone. Blogging can wait.

Here’s a recipe for pressure cooker pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes. They’ll be coming at you fast and furious from your garden. Or from generous friends and neighbors. Be prepared.

You may even want to can some so that you’ll be able to enjoy this tomato-y goodness all winter long.

“Summary: 40 minutes on low pressure will turn 8 cups (2 US quarts / 64 oz / 1.9 litres) of fresh tomato purée into a very thick tomato sauce with no tomato paste needed. The yield was 4 cups / 32 oz / 950 ml.”

Catch you when I get back.

The Virginia Cantaloupe Festival

cantaloupe wedgesOn Friday July 28, 2017, all roads lead to Halifax County Virginia for the 37th  annual Virginia Cantaloupe Festival. The Lope Fest, as it is known locally, will be held on the grounds of Berry Hill Resort and Conference Center on historic River Road.  It is the perfect setting for this blow-out shindig featuring the ever-popular Halifax County cantaloupes. There’s also music, food, friends, and big fun! If you are near-by and haven’t been, check it out. Tickets go fast so make up your mind a.s.a.p. Continue reading “The Virginia Cantaloupe Festival”

Faces of Pressure Cooking Addiction

Would you know a pressure cooking addict if you saw one? Probably not. They look just like you. Say what?! Look in the mirror. You are looking at the face of a pressure cooking addict. If you aren’t one already, what are you waiting for?

Call it a cult. Call it a craze. We call it good cooking that’s fast, easy, and delicious. It’s here to stay. This isn’t your grandma’s pressure cooker. This is 21st-century pressure cooking. Fire up the pot. You’ll be cooking like a boss before you know it. Continue reading “Faces of Pressure Cooking Addiction”