7 Signs Of Pressure Cooking Addiction

I’m addicted to pressure cooking. I admit it. But are you? Do you fit the profile of a pressure cooking addict? Or are you a pressure cooking addict wannabe? If you are already addicted, rock on. If you aren’t, let’s find out how you can get in on this gig. Here are seven hard core signs of pressure cooking addiction.

  • Hanging out with other addicts

Do you belong to and post in multiple online pressure cooking groups? Do you wake up and immediately take your morning scroll through the groups? Do check in throughout the day? Do you get notifications of posts?

  • Obsessed with recipe conversion

Do you see a recipe and wonder if it can be converted to a pressure cooking version? Are you looking for ways to convert all your slow cooker recipes to pressure cooking recipes?

  • Own two or more pressure cookers

You bought an electric pressure cooker and you were happy with it. Then you found out that there are bigger pots. There are pots that come in snazzy colors. There are pots with cooler features than your pot. You just had to get one. Or two.

  • Yogurt

Need I say more? If you’re already addicted you know what I’m talkin’ about. The one word that has rocked the pressure cooking world. People have been making yogurt forever. But yogurt making wasn’t mainstream. Not until a certain manufacturer came out with a yogurt function on their pot. Now making yogurt has become a sub-culture in the pressure cooking world. It’s an obsession.

  • Pressure Cooker Speak

Parlez-vous pressure cooker? IP, PC, NPR, QR are a few of the short-hand terms used by Potheads when they discuss recipes. Are you wise to what they mean? Are you hip to the lingo?

  • Mucho Paraphernalia

What do babies and pressure cookers have in common? Baby needs things. Pressure cookers need things. Or, at least, you need things to use with your pressure cooker. Strainers, thermometers, spring form pans, push pans, trivets, and containers for PIP (more lingo). These are just the tip of this iceberg.

  • Bringing others into the fold

And last, but not least, are you an enabler? A pusher? Do you talk about all the wonderful things you’ve made in your pressure cooker? Do you explain how easy it was to make them? Do you post detailed descriptions of your successes online? Along with the corresponding recipe and a tempting picture of what you made? Do you make people want to buy, and use a pressure cooker? Are trying to pull members into your Pot Posse?

There’s no shame in my game. I can answer yes to all seven. What about you? Are you a full-fledged pressure cooking addict? Or maybe you are on your way to becoming one.

If you aren’t, I can help with that. Know the signs of pressure cooking addiction. Follow me down the rabbit hole.

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