A Picnic in a Pot

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Food. Friends. Fun. Good times. Have you ever had a picnic in a pot? There’s a first time for everything. FYI: Ants are optional.

If you’re camping, in a tent or in a cabin, or if you’re out on your boat for a few days, or in your RV, life is one big picnic. At least as far as eating is concerned. Food prep on the road becomes a lot easier when you have a pressure cooker with you. Instant picnic in a pot!

Some of you are saying, “Who takes their pressure cooker on vacation with them?” Lots of people. It isn’t unusual for groceries to be packed along with everything else needed for the trip. Feeding a family for a week away can get expensive. Many people opt to bring their own food and cook. Why not use a pressure cooker?

Take a look at some typical picnic foods and how the pressure cooker comes into play. No reason not to eat well while you rough it.

Hot dogs can be grilled over an open fire. Unless you’re in a hotel room. Then things get dicey. But hot dogs can always be prepared in a pressure cooker no matter where you are. Be aware that the dogs may possibly burst open during the cooking process. No need to go to pieces if they do. All those cracks and crevices are perfect built-in condiment holders. This recipe calls for beer as the cooking liquid. If you don’t want to use beer, use water.

Is chili dog sauce an absolute must for your hot dogs? You can make it in a pressure cooker too. Bring jarred ketchup, mustard, and relish. Nobody will fault you for that.

Baked beans are another staple of the picnic circuit. They are very easy to make in the pressure cooker. I like to crisp the bacon in the pot and put it under pressure with the rest of the ingredients. It melts into the beans. You get the flavor without the crispy bacon bits. If you want crispy bits, put the bacon in after the beans are cooked.  For a vegetarian version, leave out the bacon.

How about potato salad? Of course you can make it in a pressure cooker. Follow the method of cooking the eggs and the potatoes given in this recipe.  Then you can continue the rest of the preparation with your favorite potato salad recipe. If you want to boil eggs to make deviled eggs, you can do that in a pressure cooker too. Hard boiling eggs in a pressure cooker is ridiculously easy. I’ll never do it on the stove again.

And let’s not forget corn on the cob. The pressure cooker makes it fast, easy, and delicious. Make sure your corn is fresh.

You may or may not want to make all these picnic foods on your trip. Pick and choose. Plan. Decide what you want to prepare and make your grocery list based on that.

You also don’t need to go any further than your deck or your back yard to enjoy a pressure cooker picnic. Make it a neighborhood event. Invite folks to bring their pot and the ingredients for the food they plan to make. Have a contest for the best baked beans made in the pressure cooker. How about the best pressure cooker chili sauce? Have fun with it.

A picnic in a pot can take the pressure out of parties and picnics. Enjoy!

Pressure cooking is fast, easy, and fun! Please share!

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