Cracking the Code

If you’re new to pressure cooking, there’s a short-hand language that members of the online groups use to refer to recipes and methods. No need to be confused if you don’t know what they mean. I’m here to help you crack the code.

PC     Pressure cooker. Either electric or the old-school stove top models.

IP     Instant Pot. A specific brand of electric pressure cooker.

NPR     Natural pressure release. When the time under pressure is done, do not touch the pressure release valve. Allow the pressure to naturally release on its own.

10 minute NPR     Same as NPR for the first 10 minutes. Then you use the pressure release valve to release any remaining pressure.

QR     Quick Release. Switch the pressure release valve to the open position to quickly release the pressure.

Gradual QR     Gradual Quick Release. Depending on the contents of the pot, you want to release pressure in short bursts. Especially if you have something starchy like rice or oatmeal in there.

PIP     Pot in Pot. Put food into a container such as a metal pan or a bowl and then put the entire container into the pressure cooker. Containers may be stacked to cook two foods at the same time.

5-5-5 or 6-6-6     These numbers refer to methods of hard boiling eggs in the pressure cooker. 5 minutes under pressure, followed by 5 minutes of NPR (followed by a QR should there still be pressure in the pot), and then 5 minutes in an ice bath. 6-6-6 follows the same method but for 6 minutes.

TOG     This Old Gal. A popular blogger who creates recipes for pressure cooking. She also provides complete, easy to follow tutorials with her recipes making them extremely user friendly.

Fat Daddios     A brand of high-quality, professional pans used in pressure cooking as well as oven baking.

Pin     The float valve. If the pin is down, the pot isn’t under pressure. When the pin is up, the pot is under pressure. When doing NPR, you know that there is no more pressure in the pot when you see that the pin is down. It is now both safe and possible to open the lid. The lid will not open when there is still pressure in the pot.

Sling     A long piece of folded aluminum foil that helps you remove any container that you have placed inside the inner pot. It must be long enough to fit under the pan and extend far enough on each side to act as handles. Make sure it’s strong enough to support the weight of the container and the contents. Parchment paper may also be used to make a sling.

Nut bag     A cloth bag used to strain yogurt. Nut bags are used to strain home made nut milks (almond, cashew, etc.) hence the name.

Ring     The silicone sealing ring that must be in place in the lid or the pot will not come up to pressure.

Pothead     Anyone who is a devoted user of the Instant Pot brand of pressure cooker. Or any pressure cooker.

Pot party     Groups of users who get together to cook various recipes and sample the results. It is customary for each attendee to bring their own Instant Pot/ pressure cooker.

Take a minute and visit the Addicted to Pressure Cooking Users Lounge to see the types of tools and utensils the Users are using in and with their pots. New items are added from time to time.

Pressure cooking is fast, easy, and fun! Please share!

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