Earn Your Instant Pot Street Creds

old men discussingIf you want your street creds as an Instant PotHead, there are three initiation requirements that you need to complete. Hard boiled eggs. Cheesecake. Yogurt. If you haven’t made any of them then you aren’t a hard-core user. If you haven’t made hard boiled eggs you are still in the ranks of a wannabe.

Eggs are usually the baptism of fire for most initiates. Eggs aren’t easy. They’re stupid easy. A no-brainer. Water. Trivet. Eggs. Set cook time. That’s all she wrote.

You may be thinking, “Hey. didn’t she already write about hard boiled eggs?”  Why yes I did. But this topic is not going to disappear. It is going to be debated ad infinitum as long as there are eggs and pressure cookers in this world. And we are no closer to a meeting of the minds. Another reason to revisit this topic is that Amazon Prime Day swelled the ranks of Instant Pot users. Many newbies are just now discovering either the triumph or the tragedy of pressure cooking hard boiled eggs. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Why? Who knows?

Once you start to talk hard-boiled eggs, you’re getting into warfare territory in the online groups. Think the Sharks and the Jets from Westside Story. Everybody’s way is the best way. Except your way. The way you choose will be brought into question. You will be pressured (No pun intended. Or maybe it was intended.) to change your feeble mind and do it the right way. Also known as the way that the user who responded to your comment demands you do it. Forget the fact that the method you use works for you. It’s wrong! See the light, why don’t you! The battle rages.

Eventually some innocent, troll, or malcontent will wonder why you would hard-boil eggs in a pressure cooker when it’s so much easier to do on the stove top. Throw down. The entire group, no matter which method each individual prefers, will turn on that person en masse and pronounce them a fool. I can’t say I disagree. Who in their right mind wants to boil water in a pan when the Instant Pot will do it for you?

I’m not even joking. Boiling water is so 2008 (the year before the Instant Pot came into the world). People may have been doing it prior to that for all I know. All I’m saying is that I have no patience for boiling water and will weasel out of doing it any way I can. With the Instant Pot, I can fiddle while Rome burns. Translation: While the IP is doing all the work I can sit down and have a refreshing cocktail, or read the paper, or start verbal fist fights on Facebook, or any number of fun things. I don’t have to stand there and watch water boil.

I am a devotee of This Old Gal’s method of boiling eggs. Put one cup of water in the inner pot. Put in one egg or as many eggs as will fit. Lock the lid. Set the cook time for 2 minutes and, tra-la-tra-la, walk away. After the 2 minutes are up, allow the eggs to do an NPR (natural pressure release) for 11-15 minutes. (One time I accidentally left them in there for 54 minutes. No tragedy ensued. They were edible and did not explode.) Then I take them out and put them directly in the refrigerator to cool. No ice bath! Glory hallelujah.  I dislike ice baths too. And double boilers. And any recipes that call for beating egg whites and folding them into the batter. I’m quirky.

Did you see the part about the water? One cup. Even if I do 3 dozen eggs. Could this method be any easier? There are other methods but they require more work and an ice bath. And more babysitting. The 5-5-5 method means 5 minutes under pressure, 5 minutes NPR, and 5 minutes in an ice bath. 6-6-6 is the same concept but in 6 minute increments. But those numbers are not hard and fast. People start using all kinds of combinations of numbers. No thanks. My way has never failed me. I will not stray.

If you want to get technical (and the nay-sayers are always gleefully technical) eggs made in the pressure cooker are not hard-boiled. They are steamed. Basically, the results are the same. You can use them for potato salad, egg salad, deviled eggs, you name it. No one will be the wiser that the eggs aren’t hard-boiled.

There’s even a new kid on the Instant Pot block ready and waiting for you to use in the hard boiled egg wars. The [affiliate link] Instant Pot 3 quart mini. Great for hard boiled eggs, side dishes, travel cooking, dorm room cooking, RVs, or camping. So may possibilities. And it’s so stinkin’ cute too!

Fire up your pots. If you haven’t gotten your Instant Pot street creds yet, hard-boiled eggs are the place to start.

Pressure cooking is fast, easy, and fun! Please share!

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