Just Wing It

Photo by AnniePots

I’m out of town so a few members of my Pot Posse are being featured today.  Knowing I was in a frizz to get things scheduled before I left town, they graciously allowed me to lift their posts, word for word, from a closed pressure cooker group of mine. Way to have my back!

Pot Licker      “I made wings today. Browned them first, then used enough wing sauce in the pot to have enough liquid to reach pressure. 7 minutes then NPR. Took them out and tossed them into a baking dish and drizzled them with more wing sauce. I will pop them in the oven to crisp the skins when I get to my friend’s house. Taste test report will come later. [Later that day…] They disappeared in less than 10 minutes. I guess that means they were good…The meat was falling off the bone. Everyone was loving them… I wish I’d doubled the amount of wings I cooked. People were coming into the kitchen asking for the wings they’d heard about long after they were all gone.”

Pot Licker owned a pressure cooker for only a few days before he winged it with this recipe that he created for the pressure cooker based on a non-cooker recipe. To those people who bought a pot but are afraid to use it, why?

AnniePots     “This is what’s for supper. I’ll keep you posted! [later that evening…] They were delicious! And spicy. Not crazy hot but if you’re cooking for a crowd either use less sriracha or warn folks.”

The lead picture for this post is hers. She used this Asian Hot Wings recipe.

Coco LePot

“Ma Cocotte (Coco named her Pot) and I made chicken wings tonight. Fall off the bones good! I lifted (and by ‘lifted’ she means ‘got her inspiration from’) this recipe-ish from a site but not sure which one now…
Used a frozen package of wings and just removed the tips. Put a can of Coke, a good splash of soy sauce, a chopped shallot (called for green onion), and three cloves of minced garlic into the pot. Chicken went onto the trivet and got a nice grind of fresh pepper. Manual cook for 20 minutes high pressure, then NPR. Removed chicken and trivet, added a couple tablespoons of butter and a couple tablespoons of flour to thicken the sauce. Cooked on sauté for a few minutes. Dunked wings back in and YUM! If I wasn’t so impatient I would have made some rice to serve sauce on. The bones literally pulled right out. I’m sure I could have also put these in the oven to crisp up a bit, but not tonight.”

I can’t swear to it but Coco may have gotten her inspiration from this recipe for Coca-Cola Chicken Wings. Of course she adapted hers to the pressure cooker.

All three of them owned pressure cookers for a week or two before they made wings. You can do it too. What are you waiting for?

And that folks, is all she wrote. As Andy Taylor said to Aunt Bee, “Eatin’ speaks louder than words.”


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