The Pied Piper of Pressure Cooking

Did I mention I’m an enabler? A pusher? Leading my friends into temptation and all that good stuff. I didn’t start out to do that. Here’s what happened.

I bought an electric pressure cooker from a popular home shopping channel. I made a pot roast that was being demonstrated by one of the channel’s in-house chefs. I was hooked. So fast. So easy. So delicious.

Then I started hearing about something called an Instant Pot. Another brand of electric pressure cooker. But not just any pressure cooker. This one could do things.  Magical things. The more I heard, the more I knew I needed to get one. A second pressure cooker? Really? Yes, really.

We won’t go into the sordid details of how I came into possession of an Instant Pot. Let’s just say I got a deal. From a friend. Using the Instant Pot was a revelation. I made things I would never have considered making prior to the Pot entering my life. I regaled my Facebook friends with accounts of all the things I was making. People became interested. They started asking questions.

I decided to create a closed Facebook group (exclusivity, baby) so that we could go underground with our pressure cooking discussions. Mostly because people who weren’t interested in pressure cooking were tired of me clogging their news feeds. Whatever.

Within two weeks of starting the group, six of my friends bought pressure cookers. Six! Not only did they buy them, they started using them. Some already owned a cooker. Then a few more bought them. At this point I have no idea how many have followed my lead.

Five of the first-time buyers became hard-core users. They weren’t just following the recipes I suggested, they were branching out and finding their own recipes. And then they started improvising. A month ago, these five didn’t have pressure cookers on their radar. They had no idea they were about to buy and use. It blows my mind.

Then somebody suggested I start a blog. And here we are. The five hard-core users became my Inner Pots. I bounce ideas off them. They make suggestions. They even take the lead on discovering and using new recipes. Then they pass their tips on to the group. It’s a magical thing.

Let me introduce you to my Pot Posse and tell you a little about them. Street names only. Hopefully their testimonies will inspire you to get hooked on pressure cooking too.

Gangsta Pot was the first one to succumb.  We call her Gangsta because she cooks for enough people to start an ultimate Frisbee team. You can do the math. Gangsta freely admits that she was not a fan of cooking, or even a good cook, prior to the Instant Pot. Here’s what she had to say about the experience. “Where has it been my whole life? It has revolutionized the way I go about meal preparation now. I don’t dread dinner time anymore. It works like magic.” She’s currently trying to get her sister hooked. How’s that goin’, Gangsta?

Pot Licker plays it close to the vest. An experienced cook who lets results speak louder than words. Claim to fame? Wings done in a pressure cooker. A racy red model. Took the wings to a party and they were scarfed down in 10 minutes. Biggest regret? Not having made more wings. This scenario played out less than a week after having used a pressure cooker for the first time ever. Nice. Way to represent.

AnniePots scored a turquoise pot the color of a ’57 Chevy. Love. She claims I ‘lured’ her into pressure cooking with seductive words like ‘easy’ and ‘convenient’. Guilty, as charged. She can explain it. “I’ve made chuck roast, Asian hot wings, pork roast, and cheeseburger macaroni. It all turned out great. And the recipes I’ve used have been SUPER easy. It’s becoming my go-to method of cooking. Considering that I was raised to be deathly afraid of pressure cookers, that’s really saying something.” You go, girl. Now she’s fearless. Need I say more?

Coco LePot is another experienced cook who decided to hop on the pressure cooking train after reading my posts. Even mom, Madame LePot (an old-school user from back in the stove top model days), was excited to scope out the latest technology. Madame, while currently not a user herself, was delighted with the ease of peeling eggs that had been hard-boiled in the pressure cooker. Coco, true to her French obsession (she of multiple addictions), made NOT Julia Child’s Beef Bourgignon for the Instant Pot. It was un succès fou!

Pot Mama is a working mom and needs a way to make meals that are quick, easy, and delicious. She isn’t just bringing home the bacon, she’s preparing it too. And Mama ain’t got time to play after a hard day at the office. Admittedly, she wasn’t an easy sell. She was intrigued by the Instant Pot but she’s also a lot like me. She researches the heck out of everything before making a move. Here’s what she says, “Following your adventure reduced any anxiousness and hesitation so that I was ready to whip this thing out and make it change my life!” Way to go, girl! Once she started, she was cookin’.

There you have it. Life in the steamy world of pressure cooker addiction. All users. All happy, All because of me. “I’m the pied piper, trust in me…”


Pressure cooking is fast, easy, and fun! Please share!

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