Recipe Links

Pot Roast
This is the recipe that started it all for me. Both easy and delicious.

Honey Sesame Chicken
You can call for take out. Or you can make this yourself in about the same amount of time.

Chicken and Rice Burrito Bowl
A quick and easy meal for the pressure cooker. Delicious as is, or customize it to suit your tastes. If you omit the chicken and use a vegetable broth you have a vegetarian version.

Instant Pot Monkey Bread
Butter. Brown sugar. Cinnamon. There’s no way this can be anything other than a taste treat! Try it!

NOT Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon
It may not be Julia’s but nobody will care whose it is once they taste the fabulousness of this recipe!

Instant Pot Popcorn
If you think microwave popcorn is unhealthy, or if you don’t want to stand over a hot burner shaking a pot to pop corn, try this Instant Pot recipe.

Instant Pot Giant Pancake
If you want to make a pancake that’s fun and different, try this!

Instant Pot Boiled Peanuts
Just like Mama used to make.

Lemon Curd
Use it as a topping for cheesecake. Mix it in with your yogurt. Or eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. It’s that good!

Baked Beans
Use this recipe as a guide to make baked beans in a pressure cooker. If you have a favorite recipe, you can adapt it. This can also be a vegetarian recipe if you leave out the bacon.

Corn On The Cob
In a pressure cooker? Yes. Check it out and see how easy is is!

Hard Boiled Eggs
Making hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker is stupid easy. I will never boil a pot of water on the stove again. All it takes is one cup of water. One egg or a pot full of eggs. Just one cup! Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

Chili Dog Sauce
This is just one of several recipes. And you can always adapt your favorite recipe to a pressure cooking version by using this as a guide.

Instant Pot Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread 
A combination of cinnamon rolls and monkey bread. A sweet treat anytime of the day or night.

Instant Pot Tomato Vegetable Soup
Browse your pantry for the ingredients to this delicious and versatile soup. You can leave it chunky. I prefer mine pureed. It’s tasty either way.