Yogurt Making Checklist

Yogurt in the Instant Pot
Checklist based on This Old Gal’s Recipe
This is only a checklist. DO NOT use this in place of the recipe.

Sterilize Pot (Optional)

  • Put 3 cups water in pot
  • Close sealing vent
  • Press STEAM
  • Press ADJUST to 5 minutes
  • Quick release after 5 minutes
  • Dry and completely cool pot and pressure cooker (Put pot in refrigerator if you want.)

Make Yogurt

  • Put ½ gallon milk in cold pot
  • Close lid and Sealing valve
  • Press YOGURT
  • Press ADJUST (+) to boil (approximately a 20 minute cycle)
  • Whisk milk half way through cycle
  • Beep sounds. Open lid
  • Whisk milk
  • Take temperature of milk (minimum 180 degrees. 182-185 is preferable)
  • If not 180 degrees, press SAUTE and stir constantly until milk reaches 180
  • Remove pot from cooker
  • Place pot in sink full of cold water (fastest) or leave on counter (slower)
  • Cool milk to 95-110 degrees (approximately 10 minutes while in cold water)
  • Remove pot from sink. Dry pot.
  • Temper starter
    • 1 Tbsp. starter in cup
    • Add 1 cup milk from pot
    • Stir until blended
  • Add tempered starter to pot of milk
  • Whisk to blend
  • Put pot in cooker. Make sure it’s dry.
  • Press YOGURT
  • Display will say 8:00
  • Display should say NORMAL
  • Cycle will count up from 0:00
  • When display show 8:00 (8 hours later) remove pot from cooker***
  • Do not stir. Cover pot with glass lid
  • Refrigerate 6-8 hours (undisturbed)

Greek Yogurt

  • Pour cooled yogurt into strainer
  • Strain in refrigerator at least 2 hours or until yogurt is as thick as you like

***At this point you may choose to pour the yogurt into the strainer and strain in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours